Wednesday, 3 May 2017

Tembleque to Mora 25kms

Tembleque to Mora 25 km
Left at 0800 as it was such a short day and arrived at 1230! Intended to stop at Villanueva de Bogas but no bar to be found. Mind you they had at least 2 ladies hairdressers! Good track to VdC although one junction was unmarked. The route from VdC to Mora was excellent- probably the nicest so far. Helped by the fact that there were so hills at last and the scenery was very pleasant. Nice to see the hermitage and the very old castles as well. Where the route divides to go to Mora or AdT it is very clearly marked by a large sigh post. Mora is a large town which like Tembleque is well kept and prosperous. Even the local police station is a grand building with a mosque like dome on the top. I stayed at Hostel El Toledano (925300242)which was clean and simple with a private shower. Perfect for peregrinos (17 euros). Fairly easy to find as it only 100m off of the Camino but it's only a single plain door as and entrance with a small notice outside. There are at least 2 others in town. One is immediately as you enter the town and the other is in the centre on the Camino called Hostal Agripino 25 euros 925300000/1 which looks grander. For tomorrow the way out appears to be well marked. 

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