Monday, 8 May 2017

SBdP to Avila 25 kms

SBdP to Avila 25km
Left at 0730 and arrived at - 1230

Beautiful day again and a wonderful short stroll to Avila. There is another steep climb starting 6kms out of SBdP when it climbs 450m in about 4kms - which I really felt after yesterday's hill. Glad it was only 25kms in the end. Also this steep stretch could be a problem if it has been wet as you would probably be walking up a stream! In that case, better to take the road I think. Could see some snow on top of some of the distant hills and could feel the temperature drop at the top today. The rest of the walk was mainly downhill all the way to Avila. It is noticeable how much the general way markings and info has improved since getting into the Castillo and Leon region. The AdP here is excellent and it is clearly marked on the way.All the facilities inc a washing machine! However, it is on the outside of the wall so you may end up walking a kilometre or 2 further than you expect!  Great location right on the Camino. There is a notice outside with the hospitalero's phone number, but luckily when I arrived he was there just getting ready to leave. 

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