Tuesday, 16 May 2017

La Baneza to Rabanal del Camino via Astorga. 46kms.

La Baneza to Rabanal del Camino via Astorga. 46kms. Fairly straightforward route to Astorga although about 12kms out the track crosses a road. The road has been newly tarmaced and the track has been regarded so all but one sign has been obliterated. The remaining sign neither pointed along the road of along the track - so I chose the track - wrong choice! No great drama as it was easy to get back on track just had to cross some scrub land and a few fields! Once in Astorga I walked until I saw peregrinos crossing ahead of me and new I had got to the Frances! Sat and had a roll and a coffee and saw more pilgrims in that time than in the last 24 days! The walk to Rabanal was easy, so many signs and so many peregrinos it would be impossible to get lost. Also, I had forgotten just how many bars and beds are available on this Camino.  I walked into Rabanal and had a choice of 8 or more places to stay and right opposite are 2 bars with food from 1600. Also interesting to see that having climbed to about 1150m many trees don't yet have leaves, bluebells are in glower and I've gone back a season. Climb first thing tomorrow up to 1500m and then all the way down again to about 520m to Ponferrada. 

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