Sunday, 7 May 2017

Cadalso de los Vidrios to San Bartolome de Pinares via Cebreros 37kms (felt like 40 +)!
A wonderful walk today but tough. Started at 0700 and arrived at 1445.  Blue skies and mid to high 20s by the afternoon. Lots of birds singing and besides the first 8kms it was just about all off road. Just before Cebreros I walked through a mass of people and passed many more who it turned out were going to the towns big festa! The Day was tough because from about 5kms before Cebreros until about 12kms before SBdP it's all uphill. Climbed about 700m and that's not counting the bits where you go down a little so you can go up again! That said the scenery and track were great. A few lovely old bridges and lots of scrambling between grit stone boulders. There is a stretch where I was really glad there had been no rain as it was a bit boggy even now. Way was extremely well marked. I had hoped to stay in the AdP but failed to find it.  I knew it was supposed to be in Casa de Pino and I had telephone numbers. No answer on the phones and when I asked in a couple of bars and elsewhere I just got a puzzled response. Didn't want to spend much more time hunting around so went to Hostal El Patio (25 euros). There is also another Hostal called Beatriz Toledo. It's a pity that none of the AdPs on this camino so far have had a single arrow pointing to where they are and if you are lucky enough to fine it there probably no sign outside let alone anything on the door to tell people how to get the keys.  After settling in I took a stroll around SBdP as I thought I would have a look for the other Hostal (it does not appear to be there any more!) and the AdP- which I still could not find - as I would have liked to get an address and I would have far preferred to give them the money!

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