Tuesday, 9 May 2017

Avila to Gotarrendura 24.5kms

Avila to Gotarrendura only 24.5kms
Another short one today. Avila was an impressive walled town and it was nice to walk around it in the afternoon while the street were in shade. This AdP has beds for 10 and there has not been that many here in the past week.  I was the only one there until about 1600 when I wandered up to the gate and found a Spanish cyclist there! Turned out he had been trying to phone for an hour and couldn't get a key! Not much chance for the rest of us - in fact the Norwegian man I mention further down was evidently at the AdP gate later in the evening when we were out and he never got in!  According to a notice in the AdP ,'the' bar in gotarrendura is closed on Tuesdays so I picked up some essentials last night - inc a bottle of Rioja!  So my pack is a little heavier today. Good job it's such a short one. Simple walk out of town on a quiet road for 7 kms to Narrillos de San Leonardo where I picked up some fresh bread. Too early for the bar to be open for cafe. Rest of the route was off road and very pleasant. No bars open on the way so went straight on to Gotarrendura and arrived at 1200 having left at 0730. When I arrived for the first time there were arrows to the Camino and to the AdP!! Regrettably, there was no sign on the door to say where to get the key but I guessed correctly that they were in the 'town hall'. However, this is the best AdP on this route so far. 4 peregrino beds plus 12 tourist beds, kitchen, showers, courtyard and a washing machine and dryer! The info about the bar being closed was correct so glad I picked up some food.  At about 4pm a Norwegian man turned up and was very disappointed to be  told there was nowhere to eat!! He considered going on but as the next stop of any size is 28kms it did seem like a great plan. Explained I have enough to share so neither of us will starve. 

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